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void org::osjava::jardiff::ant::JDTraXLiaison::configure ( XSLTProcess  xsltTask  )  [inline]

Specific configuration for the TRaX liaison.

xsltTask the XSLTProcess task instance from which this liasion is to be configured.

Definition at line 468 of file JDTraXLiaison.java.

References setAttribute(), setEntityResolver(), setFactory(), setOutputProperty(), and setURIResolver().

        XSLTProcess.Factory factory = xsltTask.getFactory();
        if (factory != null) {

            // configure factory attributes
            for (Enumeration attrs = factory.getAttributes();
                    attrs.hasMoreElements();) {
                XSLTProcess.Factory.Attribute attr =
                        (XSLTProcess.Factory.Attribute) attrs.nextElement();
                setAttribute(attr.getName(), attr.getValue());

        XMLCatalog xmlCatalog = xsltTask.getXMLCatalog();
        // use XMLCatalog as the entity resolver and URI resolver
        if (xmlCatalog != null) {

        // configure output properties
        for (Enumeration props = xsltTask.getOutputProperties();
                props.hasMoreElements();) {
            XSLTProcess.OutputProperty prop
                = (XSLTProcess.OutputProperty) props.nextElement();
            setOutputProperty(prop.getName(), prop.getValue());

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