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void org::osjava::jardiff::ant::JDTraXLiaison::configure ( JDXSLTProcess  xsltTask  )  [inline]

Specific configuration for the TRaX liaison.

xsltTask the XSLTProcess task instance from which this liasion is to be configured.

Implements org::osjava::jardiff::ant::JDXSLTLiaison3.

Definition at line 505 of file JDTraXLiaison.java.

References setAttribute(), setEntityResolver(), setFactory(), setOutputProperty(), and setURIResolver().

        JDXSLTProcess.Factory factory = xsltTask.getFactory();
        if (factory != null) {

            // configure factory attributes
            for (Enumeration attrs = factory.getAttributes();
                    attrs.hasMoreElements();) {
                JDXSLTProcess.Factory.Attribute attr =
                        (JDXSLTProcess.Factory.Attribute) attrs.nextElement();
                setAttribute(attr.getName(), attr.getValue());

        XMLCatalog xmlCatalog = xsltTask.getXMLCatalog();
        // use XMLCatalog as the entity resolver and URI resolver
        if (xmlCatalog != null) {

        // configure output properties
        for (Enumeration props = xsltTask.getOutputProperties();
                props.hasMoreElements();) {
            JDXSLTProcess.OutputProperty prop
                = (JDXSLTProcess.OutputProperty) props.nextElement();
            setOutputProperty(prop.getName(), prop.getValue());

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