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void org::osjava::jardiff::DOMDiffHandler::writeMethodInfo ( MethodInfo  info  )  [inline, protected]

Write out information about a method. This writes out a <method> node which contains information about the arguments, the return type, and the exceptions thrown by the method.

info Info about the method.

Definition at line 533 of file DOMDiffHandler.java.

References addAccessFlags(), addMethodNodes(), currentNode, doc, org::osjava::jardiff::MethodInfo::getDesc(), org::osjava::jardiff::MethodInfo::getExceptions(), org::osjava::jardiff::AbstractInfo::getName(), org::osjava::jardiff::MethodInfo::getSignature(), and XML_URI.

Referenced by methodAdded(), methodChanged(), and methodRemoved().

        Node currentNode = this.currentNode;
        Element tmp = doc.createElementNS(XML_URI, "method");
        this.currentNode = tmp;

        if (info.getName() != null)
            tmp.setAttribute( "name", info.getName());
        if (info.getSignature() != null)
            tmp.setAttribute( "signature", info.getSignature());
        if (info.getDesc() != null)
        String[] exceptions = info.getExceptions();
        if (exceptions != null) {
            for (int i = 0; i < exceptions.length; i++) {
                Element excep = doc.createElementNS(XML_URI, "exception");
                excep.setAttribute( "name", exceptions[i]);
        this.currentNode = currentNode;

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