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org::osjava::jardiff::ClassInfo Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Information about a class file.

Antony Riley

Definition at line 47 of file ClassInfo.java.

Public Member Functions

 ClassInfo (int version, int access, String name, String signature, String supername, String[] interfaces, Map methodMap, Map fieldMap)
final int getAccess ()
final String getAccessType ()
final Map getFieldMap ()
final String[] getInterfaces ()
final Map getMethodMap ()
final String getName ()
final String getSignature ()
final String getSupername ()
final int getVersion ()
final boolean isAbstract ()
final boolean isAnnotation ()
final boolean isBridge ()
final boolean isDeprecated ()
final boolean isEnum ()
final boolean isFinal ()
final boolean isInterface ()
final boolean isNative ()
final boolean isPackagePrivate ()
final boolean isPrivate ()
final boolean isProtected ()
final boolean isPublic ()
final boolean isStatic ()
final boolean isStrict ()
final boolean isSuper ()
final boolean isSynchronized ()
final boolean isSynthetic ()
final boolean isTransient ()
final boolean isVarargs ()
final boolean isVolatile ()

Public Attributes

final String ACCESS_PACKAGE = "package"
final String ACCESS_PRIVATE = "private"
final String ACCESS_PROTECTED = "protected"
final String ACCESS_PUBLIC = "public"

Private Attributes

Map fieldMap
String[] interfaces
Map methodMap
String signature
String supername
int version

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